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Care homes used untrained rehab workers while collecting millions from MedicaidReveal 
Seven adult care homes in North Carolina collected more than $8.4 million in Medicaid funding while employing untrained caregivers, some with serious criminal histories, Reveal from The Center for Inv...
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 9 views • 0 comments • 1 day ago • category: General

Erdogan calls US sanctions an ‘operation,’ as Lira drops to record 7.22 
During a speech at the ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) meeting in the Black Sea province of Trabzon on Sunday, Erdogan said the US “is making an operation against Turkey.” “Its aim is ...
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 4 views • 0 comments • 1 day ago • category: Politics

US Appeals Court Orders EPA to Ban Chlorpyrifos Pesticides 
The judges found the agency broke the law by continuing to allow the toxic chemical to be used on fruits and vegetables despite solid science, including from EPA’s own scientists, showing it harms the...
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 5 views • 0 comments • 1 day ago • category: Health

Nestle misled consumers about GMOs in its food products. lawsuit alleges - CBS News 
The corporate parent behind such food brands as Stouffer's frozen dinners, Buitoni pasta, and Haagen Dazs ice cream also is accused on designing a seal on its product packaging with the intention to t...
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 6 views • 0 comments • 1 day ago • category: Health

In Bangladesh, Refugees Face Food Insecurity and Monsoon Season – Food Tank 
Food security in Bangladesh is among major concerns as the 2018 monsoon season continues, according to United Nations humanitarian aid organizations. This region, prone to flooding and food shortage,...
by 👽GEMINI👽 • 2 views • 0 comments • 1 day ago • category: General

Jakarta, the fastest-sinking city in the world - BBC News 
With frequent floods, sinking markets and engulfed homes, by 2050 parts of Jakarta will be underwater.
by RAVENOUSbird • 13 views • 1 comments • 1 day ago • category: General

Why do we hate? 
According to a recent study, there are at least 917 organized hate groups in the United States. The study, based on data collected by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and presented in their annu...
by RAVENOUSbird • 45 views • 6 comments • 1 day ago • category: General

Omarosa Lying Repeatedly Shows Why She Can't Be Trusted 
Omarosa lying throughout her career has completely hurt her credibility and as such no one can trust anything she says regarding
by bondojoe • 12 views • 0 comments • 1 day ago • category: Politics

36 Extinct Animals Lost to History Due to Human Activity 
What animals are extinct now because of human influence, whether it be pollution, destroyed habitat, an invasive species that humans introduced to a new area, or hunting? Mankind is the parasite.
by RAVENOUSbird • 31 views • 2 comments • 1 day ago • category: General

New invasive 'aggressive biter' tick spreads across multiple US states, sparks concern | Fox News 
A new invasive tick species described as an “aggressive biter” has been found in a number of U.S. states, sparking concern from agriculture and health officials.
by bondojoe • 28 views • 0 comments • 2 days ago • category: Health

FBI fires Peter Strzok, months after anti-Trump texts revealed | Fox News 
FBI official Peter Strzok, who played a lead role in both the Russian meddling and Hillary Clinton email probes but became a political lightning rod after the revelation of anti-Trump text messages, h...
by bondojoe • 38 views • 5 comments • 2 days ago • category: Politics

'Trump 2020' Flags Are Made In China Amid Trade War With Beijing - YouTube 
Banners and flags for U.S. President Donald Trump's 2020 re-elcetion campaign are ready to ship, inscribed with the words "Keep America Great!" However, they could be hit by punitive tariff's of Trump...
by ♠♥Aces♣♦ • 8 views • 0 comments • 2 days ago • category: Business

A Guantanamo Guard And His Detainee Reunite | NPR 
Mohamedou Ould Slahi and Steve Wood met in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 2004. At the time, Slahi had been in captivity for two years, accused of acts of terrorism. Wood, then a member of the Nationa...
by ♠♥Aces♣♦ • 13 views • 1 comments • 2 days ago • category: General

The Chinese street's view of the trade war: some say they won't buy U.S. products | Reuters 
Chinese officials have been mostly measured and moderate in their response to U.S. President Donald Trump's ratcheting up of a trade war with Beijing in recent weeks through his announcement of a seri...
by ♠♥Aces♣♦ • 7 views • 0 comments • 2 days ago • category: General

China's state media defends Xinjiang Muslim crackdown | China News | Al Jazeera 
More than one million Uighurs are estimated to be in detention in 'counter-extremism centres' in China's far west.
by ♠♥Aces♣♦ • 6 views • 0 comments • 2 days ago • category: General

Woman celebrating birthday killed in apparent gang war | Fox News 
A 24-year-old woman celebrating her birthday was among the three people killed by apparent gang members outside her party late Saturday night in Brazil.
by ♠♥Aces♣♦ • 4 views • 0 comments • 2 days ago • category: General

Lombok Indonesia earthquake death toll surges above 400 - CNN 
The death toll from the 6.9-magnitude earthquake that hit the Indonesian island of Lombok more than a week ago has surged to 436, authorities said Monday.
by ♠♥Aces♣♦ • 4 views • 0 comments • 2 days ago • category: General

Woman dies after getting infection from dog lick :: WRAL.com 
A Wisconsin woman died after she got an infection after a lick from her puppy, doctors say.
by ♠♥Aces♣♦ • 6 views • 0 comments • 2 days ago • category: General

'Brightest Ever' Perseids Meteor Shower revealed in stunning new photos | Daily Mail Online 
Stargazers around the world will be able to see the Perseids for the last time tonight. The annual event will be visible in Central America, Asia, much of Africa, and parts of South America.
by ♠♥Aces♣♦ • 3 views • 0 comments • 2 days ago • category: General

Singapore goes to Hollywood: Crazy Rich Asians LA premiere | CNA Lifestyle - YouTube 
CNA Lifestyle caught up with Pierre Png, Fiona Xie, Janice Koh and more at the red carpet premiere of Crazy Rich Asians in Los Angeles. Read more here: https...
by ♠♥Aces♣♦ • 7 views • 0 comments • 2 days ago • category: Movies