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Hunting the people who kill elephants | BBC Earth

Technology is turning the tables on poachers.
by RAVENOUSbird • 29 views • 2 comments • 1 week ago • category: General
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senior guru
(1 week ago)
Well even nature fights back to humams sometimes too, like that hunter that was going to kill that bird or eagle, but lost his footing and fell to his dimisesmiley

(1 week ago)
tHANKS GEMINI--this is so horrible to me ruthless as------ who kill these animals for money.Elephants are pretty intelligent,have their own language,and know who they have in elephant's graveyard--they remember each other.--one of my favorite animals.(i didn't know about the guy who wanted to kill eagles,falling to his death,good for him)

The only thing i can think of, is to form a "GREEN PEACE" group for elephants,patrol their territory, and shoot to kill poachers--like safeguarding major herds.In other words,fight fire with fire right at the source, poachers themselves--don't jail poachers, make them extinct.--ironic solution.

Because once you track down the real higher ups, the kingpins, they may well be too powerful to take down--like pillars of their communities--so you can't get the big people! that is a truism in life--you can't destroy the true high up people, they could be heads of countries or billionaires or their chronies--how do you arrest the big guys?you can't. Its like trying to make God responsible for fffing up yer life--you can't get him he's GOD!!

I recently found out, selling an old ivory necklace is illegal--even one from long ago--but agencies are not targeting the very rich who buy ivory things.--just me.Little me!SO, ARE THE LAWS BEING ENFORCED? NO THEY ARE NOT.SOMEONE RICH is buying things made of ivory--but you can't get them!Maybe international law is worthless I suspect.

So I still advise, a GREEN PEACE(without the peace)to patrol large elephant herds, and blast to death the poachers at the bottom--so its harder to make poachers go after elephants, unless they want elephant-lovers to blast them back.

I read that one of the reasons for creating the ancient Japanese warriors, (can't spell it the name) was to protect the beautiful and fragile things of life.I agree with that. smiley

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