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Tekashi 6ix9ine facing three years in prison for 2015 sex video | Daily Mail Online

The rapper was up in court on Thursday after breaking the terms of his probation by getting arrested twice.
by sunshinedaydreams • 76 views • 3 comments • 1 week ago • category: Celebrities
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(1 week ago)
HOw is this possible, posting child pornography and only 3 years??????? This is so messed up. I don't understand AT ALL. And in reality this jerk will probably get off! Mr. Daniel Hernandez needs to go to jail for a lot longer.

senior master
(1 week ago)
@sunshinedaydreams He's a cutie..isn't he? LOL! Maybe he'll be popular in prison.

(1 week ago)
This dude talks a lot of sh*t. Like, mean sh*t. Should see youtube. He got got for his jewelry not that long ago for his sh*t talking ($$$$$$). How he survived this long without an incident surprises me. So, yeah. I wonder, how is prison gonna be?

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