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University Professor Develops App to Track Teens’ Emotions When Boatloads of Mental and Physical Health Experts Advise Restricting Kids’ Screen Use and Radiation Exposure.

“Lawrence University professor develops app to track teens’ emotions” “What we’re trying to do is harness smartphones, which might typically be used for distraction but actually use them to help adolescents pay better attention to how their feeling, and how their body’s feeling. So, it’s kind of an anti-distraction in a way, it’s more like being mindful about what you’re doing,” Hilt said. To do that, the app will then send notifications to the young teen a few times throughout the day, asking a series of questions about their mood. The Mindfulness study team at Lawrence is looking for 80 children between ages 12 and 15 to participate in the paid study that will begin this fall.
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